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School board OKs gun resolution

January 29, 2014 - Clarkston Board of Education voted to send a message to the state legislature no guns in schools.

"My concern is, if someone carries a weapon into school, it would be difficult for staff to assess if they are carrying legally or if they're a perpetrator," said Trustee Cheryl McGinnis.

The trustee reintroduced the resolution calling on the state to prohibit open carrying of guns in school at the Jan. 27 meeting, after it was tabled last month.

No one should feel they have to be armed in Clarkston schools, McGinnis said.

"I feel our school buildings are safe, with good safety protocol in place," she said.

State laws banning guns in schools provide an exception to those with concealed carry permits. Board Treasurer Joan Patterson was concerned about approving a resolution the school district can't enforce, because it might conflict with the law. McGinnis said it won't, and is intended to the put the state legislature on notice about the board's feelings on the matter.

McGinnis, Patterson, and board Trustee Steve Hyer, Vice President Susan Boatman, Trustee Elizxabeth Egan, and President Rosalie Lieblang voted to approve the resolution. Board Secretary Charles Hamilton abstained from the vote.

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