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Peeking In The Past

A Look Back From The CNews archives

January 29, 2014 - 15 years ago - 1999

"Ryder truck facility driven out" Residents opposing the 450,000-square-foot Ryder truck facility proposed for 30 acres at the end of Bow Pointe Road had their prayers answered when the Independence Township Planning Commission turned it down after three hours of discussion, 6-0.

"City police accused of 'harrassment' by truckers" The issue of truck traffic in the city is a two-way street, according to truck drivers who attended a city council meeting. They shared the treatment they said they had received from city police officers regarding the loads they carry and the number of tickets they get issued.

"Township to implement new internet system" A new internet system approved for Independence Township aims to improve communication and efficiency for, not only officials, but township residents. The board of trustees approved a two-year contract with Frontier Communications, a nationwide internet provider with its own fiber optic network.

25 years ago - 1989

"Boy saves dad from icy plunge" Ten-year-old Steven Zerba was playing hockey when he heard a crack on the ice on the pond - his dad, John, plunged into the icy water. Steven rushed around to the edge of the pond through the water to his dad. He stepped on the ice and through it before holding out his hockey stick and pulling his dad to safety.

"Community service program debuts at CHS" A pilot program offering Clarkston High School students the opportunity to get involved in community service was underway. The program gives students an opportunity to explore a fied they might want to explore for a possible career. They volunteer time also counts as work experience.

"Eggs teach teens fragile lesson" Clarkston High School senior Shawn Lambouris learned an important lesson from his family living class. He found he was not "eggsactly" ready for children after taking care of an egg and treating it as if it was his own. The egg could not be left alone; protected from the cold and hot temperatures; and needed lots of care.

50 years ago - 1964

"Clarkston's Junior Miss second runner-up" Nancy Stanquits was the second runner-up in Michigan Junior Miss competition.

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