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30 years of marriage, 'never boring'

January 29, 2014 - Atlas Twp.- Marcus Bieth was obeying orders a little more than three decades ago when he took Milly Anguiano on a date.

Last month, the pair celebrated 30 years of marriage and a life together that Marcus says is never boring.

The Atlas Township residents met Oct. 16, 1983, when both were in the Army and stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas, she working in the personnel department, and he a specialist on Cobra helicopter systems.

"My command sergeant major told me he didn't want me to go out with any gunners," said Milly. "He referred me to Marcus, a smart guy."

When Marcus came in to the administration office to request his discharge orders to leave the service and go home, he was met by Milly, who told him she knew who he was and that she was supposed to go out with him.

"I didn't have a choice," laughs Marcus. "If a colonel tells you that, you do what you are supposed to because you are still under military control, so I said, 'yeah, I'm good with that.' You do what you're supposed to do, no questions asked, but everything worked out great."

They went to a party and were inseparable after. Three months later, on Jan. 14, 1984, they were married on base in a non-denominational chapel with just her family, all of whom live in her native Texas, present. The day before, Marcus completed his military service.

"It was like a snowball rolling downhill and I've been barely in control of anything the last 30 years, but I think that is how it's supposed to be," said Marcus.

Milly completed her military service in November 1984 and the couple traveled to Michigan for a second wedding, Dec. 28, 1984 at St. Anne Church in Ortonville, in front of Marcus' family. The pair lived in Texas for a few years, and their only child, Marcus Bieth III, was born Aug. 4, 1987. In 1989, Marcus took a carpenter foreman position in Michigan and the family moved to Atlas Township.

Just over three years ago, Milly and Marcus went to Las Vegas and Milly decided to surprise her husband by booking the Graceland Wedding Chapel to renew their vows. The wedding ceremony was officiated by an Elvis Presley impersonator.

"We've been married three times, we're still married at 30 years and we're still very much in love," said Milly.

Key to their success in marriage is communication, she adds.

"You let each other speak and you listen," she says emphatically. "A lot of divorces happen because the woman is so busy with the child. You have to make time for intimacy. It's hard work, but you can do it. My reward is being happy."

Milly tells her son that when he decides to get married, to make sure he has found the person he can trust and depend on for the rest of his life, like she has found in his father. Marcus, says Milly, is the one she knows will always be there for her, in sickness and in health.

Marcus said he is still doing what he was trained to do in the military— what he is told.

"Do what you're supposed to do, even when you're out of the military," he laughs. "Do whatever you think is most entertaining. Not having the entertainment value will end your relationship. If it's not entertaining, you'll get bored and you won't want to do it anymore. I've not had one boring day with her the last 30 years."

Susan covers Brandon Township and Ortonville
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