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City manager candidates' experience, education review

March 05, 2014 - In Part 2 of a series on Clarkston City Manager Carol Eberhardt, we list her resume for comparison with other candidates, as submitted for consideration for the position in 2013.

Carol Eberhardt has degrees from Central Michigan University and the Center for Creative Studies. She was Clarkston village president, 1982-1986 and city council member at the time of application, with training in municipal functions, supervised planning commission and public hearings, and negotiated with Independence Township. Skills included training, mentoring, utilizing volunteers and strong background in management and finance.

"A clear understanding of Clarkston's history," said Eberhardt.

She also owned a business downtown and lived in Clarkston for 30 years, volunteered on many committees, served many community service organizations, ran elections, and served on the Tax Board of Appeals.

Candidate 1 had a Master of Public Administration degree with a concentration in municipal human resource management. Also, two graduate certificates in public personnel management and local government from Eastern Michigan University.

Experience included administrative positions in police department, working with contract negotiations, personnel administration, grant writing and management, budgeting, Freedom of Information Act requests, and budgets.

Candidate 2 had an MPA and Artium Baccalaureatus degree in Human Services, with experience as supervisor of Northfield Township from 2008-2012; city manager of Garden City, 2010-2011; city administration in Highland Park, 2004-06; city manager of Richmond, 1998-2004; city administrator of Standish, 1996-1997; village manager of Oxford, 1993-1996; city manager of Linden, 1992-1993; and city manager of Litchfield, 1990-1992.

The candidate also had letters of recommendation from SEMCOG, Carlisle Wortman, and a consulting engineer for Northfield Township; served as chair of the Northfield Township Planning Commission, Greater Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce as president.

Candidate 3 earned an MPA and Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Illinois, with experience as city administrator, economic development director, regional workforce director, and budget management.

The candidate had 20 years experience working in public sector management with emphasis on education, workforce and community development; business retention, and expansion across 20 counties; managing municipal economic development, collaboration with regional, state and federal economic development agencies; and managed grant writing, public policy and budget analyst.

Candidate 4 had 12 years experience as township clerk, in elections, accounting, and record keeping.

Candidate 5 had a BA and BS in Industrial Supervision with honors in business administration, with 18 years experience as Grand Blanc Township supervisor, treasurer of the Genesee District Library, cofounder of the Genesee District Library, managed multi-million budgets, personnel union negotiator, managed 75 employees including police department, and served on boards and commissions such as the planning commission and zoning board of appeals.

Candidate 6 had an MPA from Eastern Michigan University, with planning commission, emergency management, grant writing, and internship experience.

Candidate 7 had a BA from the University of Michigan with Honors in economics, with experience as an administrative intern, strategic planning, budgeting, staff development, staff management, videographer, grant writing, assistant manager, writing and communication and economic tutor.

Candidate 8 had an MPA in Political Science from University of Rochester, and an A B from Walsh College.

Experience included as a city manager, 2002-2003; zoning administrator, DDA director, street administration and purchasing agent for a city; city ordinance supervisor, instructor of political science; 20 years with the Detroit Police; and managed tax role, fiscal audits, and completed and secured $160,000 for a city streetscape project.

Candidate 9, a finalist along with Eberhardt, had a University of Michigan MPA in non-profit and administrative grant writing, with experience with a DDA from 2008-present; public safety officer, 1989-2006; and Military Police from 1981-1985.

Two additional resumes were submitted with candidates experience in urban planning and volunteering.

Staff writer covering Independence Township and Clarkston area.
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