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Lake Orion ranks among top for MEAP scores

March 05, 2014 - By Dan Shriner

Review Editor

Students in grades three through nine in the Lake Orion School District outranked statewide and Oakland County averages in every testing category of the Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP).

The tests were given to students statewide in October 2013 and the results were released last week. Test results were up statewide in general in every category tested.

Oakland County schools outperformed most intermediate school districts statewide, and Lake Orion was among the top school districts in the county.

Lake Orion Superintendent Marion Ginopolis refused to comment on this story.

When comparing Lake Orion schools to the other 27 schools in Oakland County, the students in grades three through eight ranked second in reading and eighth in mathematics.

Students in grades five and eight ranked fourth in science in Oakland County. Students in grades six and nine ranked sixth in social studies. Students in grades four and seven were sixth in writing among Oakland County schools.

The tests measured proficiency in the subjects.

In mathematics, students in grade three scored 62 percent proficient. Other scores are as follows in mathematics. Fourth grade: 67.8 percent proficient; fifth grade: 70.2 percent proficient; sixth grade: 70.4 percent proficient; seventh grade: 56.5 percent proficient and eighth grade: 50.9 percent proficient.

In reading, students in third grade were 82.8 percent proficient. Other scores are as follows in reading. Fourth grade: 89.9 percent proficient; fifth grade: 90.1 percent proficient; sixth grade: 90.1 percent proficient; seventh grade; 81.9 percent proficient; and eighth grade; 91.7 percent proficient.

Students in grades five and eight were tested for proficiency in science. In fifth grade, only 27.9 percent were proficient while in eighth grade 39.3 were proficient. These scores were among the best in the county.

Students in grades six and nine were tested for proficiency in social studies. Sixth graders were 42.1 percent while ninth graders were 45.9 percent proficient.

Students in grades four and seven were tested in writing proficiency. Fourth graders scored 66.5 percent proficient and seventh graders were 71.7 percent proficient.

All MEAP tests are designed to measure what children learned the prior year.

The tests were the last under the MEAP program. Michigan schools have now adopted Common Core standards and in subsequent years students will be tested under new measures with the Smarter Balances testing program.

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