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Police, fire renewals in Addison

March 26, 2014 - When it comes to police and fire protection, Addison Township is only looking for renewals of the current millage rates on the Aug. 5 primary ballot.

The current police tax is 4.4874 mills, which would generate an estimated $1,003,597 in the first year of levy. The fire department operating and ambulance service tax is currently 0.75 mills, which would generate an estimated $213,878 in the first year of levy.

"I think we can work within our budget and we've done a good job at it," said Supervisor Bruce Pearson. "I think in the next four years we'll be able to work within our budget again and we have not asked for any increases."

Pearson said the fact that Addison is only requesting tax renewals is a testament to the work of both Fire Chief Jerry Morawski and Oakland County Sheriff's Substation Commander Sgt. Robert Brudvig.

"They both work excellent and they come to me they show me their budget," Pearson said. "That's why they're in those positions because I have total faith in both department heads to run their divisions properly and they certainly have shown us they can run it properly."

Trevor graduated with degrees in English and communications from Rochester College. He wrote for his college and LA View newspapers before joining The Clarkston News in May 2007.
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