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Peeking In The Past

A Look Back From The CNews archives

April 02, 2014 - 15 years ago - 1999

"Consumers Energy bends to wetlands concerns on proposed pipeline route" The proposed pipeline project previously scheduled to pass through wetlands in Springfield Township was planned to be rerouted. Consumers Energy and TriState Pipeline Company had proposed six alternative routes. The pipeline would connect with other systems bringing natural gas from western Canada to eastern Canada and the northeastern United States.

"The goose gets a twist" Retired Kindergarten teacher Ann Moeller was decked out as Mother Goose at Springfield Plains Elementary and gave the classic nursery rhymes a '90s twist during Celebrity Readers Day.

"Clarkston State Bank donates downtown" The movement to help revitalize downtown Clarkston received a big boost from one of its newest businesses. The Clarkston State Bank contributed an $8,000 check to the revitalization effort spearheaded by Clarkston city councilman David Savage.

25 years ago - 1989

"Determined neighbor thwarts robbery" Not many people have the courage to interfere with a crime in progress but that's what happened on Big Lake Road in Springfield Township. An alert neighbor spotted strange car at the house next door and noticed two men walking toward it with their arms full of electronics. The neighbor chased the two, let the air out of their tires, dodged a knife one was carrying and called the police.

"Artist draws on farm experience" Del and Bob Miller designed and built a spacious, wing-shaped ranch farm overlooking their 102 acres of land in 1974. The scene with horses, ducks around a quiet pond, gently rolling hills provided Del with inspiration for an activity she had done all her life - painting.

"Sculptor's career takes shape with county awards" Authenticity means a lot to artist Patrick Smith from Independence Township and if he couldn't do a project justice, he won't do it. His hand-carved totem pole won the Pontiac Oakland County Art Show at Summit Place.

50 years ago - 1964

"Forensics contest judged excellent" An excellent performance and close decisions marked the local Forensics contest. The contest was judged by the faculty of the English Department.

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