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Builders Custom Flooring stays downtown

May 14, 2014 - By Katie Winkler

Review Staff Writer

Lake Orion's Builders Custom Flooring has moved to a bigger location, but not too far away.

The company moved seven doors down to their new location, 11 South Broadway Street.

The business started in Auburn Hills and moved to their first location in downtown Lake Orion eight years ago.

With their new spot, Builders Custom Flooring has been able to offer more products, lines, and longer store hours.

"We originally had 900 square feet and now we have 3,000 square feet. We've tripled our business and tripled our floor space," Debbie Burgess said. "There is no time left in a day. We now have a measuring company that works for us and it's exhausting, but exciting."

Before moving to their current location, the owners re-did the flooring. Builders Custom Flooring offers hardwood refinishing, which is their service that they are known for.

"It was actually grey and cupped and a lot of people thought this whole floor was going to have to be replaced. We were able to run a dehumidifier in here and sanded and refinished it. We hand stained it, on our hands and knees," Burgess said. "It's absolutely beautiful."

The owners had no intentions of leaving the downtown area. For Burgess, there is no better place for Builders Custom Flooring's location than downtown LO.

"I really believe that this next year we will see some tremendous economic development. The goal is to see every storefront filled. It's a great destination place. There is no better place to live, move, have fun, recreate. It's the greatest place to be," Burgess said.

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