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Lake Orion YouTube star releases first album

May 21, 2014 - By Katie WinklerBy Katie Winkler

Review Staff Writer

As a freshman at LOHS, Sydney Leigh spends her time outside of school in recording studios and on stages performing.

When Leigh was 11, she started posting videos on YouTube of cover and original songs written by her, which have received over 40,000 views. At just 15, she is reaching her goals of pop stardom as a writer and performer.

At 12 she "was scouted out from YouTube by a music scout who eventually got a meeting with music executive, Jason Davis," Leigh said. "After we met, we decided to work together and he connected me to the producers I'm working with (Nolan Lambroza and Steve Daly)."

Ever since she was just five years old, Leigh has been involved in musical theater and private vocal lessons, which allowed her to develop her voice and, eventually, decide that she wanted to do professionally. Leigh recently performed at the Pistons half-time show, was featured on channel 98.7 AMP Radio, and continues to go to local coffee houses.

"It's always been something that I wanted. When I turned 11, that when I realized I wanted to be a pop artist and started writing," Leigh said. "That's really when it clicked for me. Before then it was really just singing for fun; now I want it as a career."

After signing her consultant agreement a year and a half ago, it has been non-stop performances and social media promoting to broaden her fan base.

"I started posting videos and reaching out to different people. Then I made sure that I was writing everyday and performing as much as I can," Leigh said. "I just got verified on Twitter so I'm reaching out through all my networks and communicating with as many people as I can."

When Leigh isn't singing, writing, or performing, she enjoys attending high school events, such as football and lacrosse games, to support her peers because they do the same for her.

"[Students] always post stuff about me and feature me through the high school," Leigh said.

As for the future, Leigh will continue to perform at local venues and begin to branch out to opening for big tours in the summer. With "Crazy Beautiful-ET" already available on iTunes, she hopes to finish the album by the end of the summer and release it.

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