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Fundraiser for library millage

May 28, 2014 - A fundraiser for the Clarkston-Independence District Library was held at Deer Lake Athletic Club on May 13.

Those who attended came out to support the library and the Aug. 5 millage in which voters will cast their vote on if the library stays open or closes.

Here are some of the comments from people at the event who support passing the library millage.

"As we advance into the digital age, the library has roots in the past. Many people go to the library to use the internet because they don't have one at home. I call the library all the time and ask them to find information for me. There is always a friendly voice on the other side of the line that helps me find things even if I really want to get in-depth into a subject. They are there for free help, and I always find out what I need to know. We cannot let this opportunity pass on August 5. We all have to tell everyone we know why it's important to save the library. I applaud the library and all the people who work at the library. We have a jewel in the library, and we can't let it slip away."

Eric Haven

"Adults need libraries. Kids need libraries. A lot of people go to the library to work. A lot of people need the library."

Rudie McGregor.

"I just read something on Instgram the other day that said 95 percent of libraries think the library is useful. A lot of people don't realize there are a lot of useful databases you can access at the library. ."

Elizabeth McGregor

"There are not just books at the library. They have movies, music, magazines and tons of news sources. They also have meeting rooms so people can have meetings or study."

Levon Shook

"A lot of tutors use rooms to help students. The library is a nice place to study."

Kathy Gustafson

"We have been residents of the community for 30 years and all of our kids and grandkids use the library. It would be a shame to break that lineage."

Larry Shepanek

"From my point of view the library is a great gathering spot. The library also allows you access to all sorts of resources, and it's all under one common place so it makes it much easier to access."

Stuart Mahler

"I think it's great to have a library in the community. I love books. I love hands on stuff, and I think it's important to read a hard copy book. The library also has a lot of things for kids."

Pat Shepanek

Staff writer covering Independence Township and Clarkston area.
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