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Vandal spree irks residents

May 28, 2014 - Goodrich-Sometime in the early morning hours of Monday, several Hegel Road residents reported vandalized mailboxes. As many as 20 boxes were damaged in the late night destruction.

The Genesee County Sheriff Department received several calls following the acts of vandalism

Mark Baldwin, a village council member and Hegel Road resident, was awakened early Monday morning.

"I heard kids laughing, or I assume they were kids out having a good time, about 3:30 Monday morning," said Baldwin. "I flipped on my flashlight and went outside and all of a sudden it got quiet. I figured someone was just outside having a good time. There was no car noise so I assume they were on foot."

Pete Morey, also a village council member, was contacted by several residents on Monday morning. Morey estimated the mailboxes were damaged along Hegel Road to M-15.

"Why would teenagers be out at 3:30 in the morning except to cause trouble," said Morey. "If they are kids that smashed mailboxes and their parents know something, do the right thing and step up."

On Wednesday morning, area vandalism was also reported at Atlas Real Estate, 8491 State Road, Goodrich.

Jeff Dawley, owner, said he received a call from the Genesee County Sheriff Department at about 4:30 a.m. regarding destruction of a marquee at his business.

The lighted Atlas Real Estate sign along M-15 was knocked over and letters on the sign were arranged in profanity. In addition, a vinyl fence was also damaged.

"I guess kids will be kids, but they've crossed the line," said Dawley. "Throw toilet paper or spray shaving cream—whatever— but don't vandalize. I would estimate about $10,000 in damage to the sign and the fence. We work hard to keep the business looking good and this is just not acceptable."

Contact the Genesee County Sheriff Depatment with any information at 810-257-3407.

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