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Cameras in Depot Park?

July 09, 2014 - Clarkston Medical Group's Dr. Tim O'Neil donated $1,000 towards new security cameras for Depot Park, a gesture which City of the Village of Clarkston Manager Carol Eberhardt hopes will kick off a fund-raising effort.

Eberhardt said more security is needed due to an increase in vandalism.

"Should we continue to maintain and repair over and over again or get proactive with prevention," asked Eberhardt in her summer newsletter.

Recent vandalism in Depot Park includes damage and graffiti on the gazebo, two cedar swings broken the first week they were installed, and a large swing set was also damaged.

Clarkston City Council discussed getting security cameras several times, the latest regarding purchase of a system for $9,800, which Eberhardt said could zoom in on a license plate.

City Council told Eberhardt at a June meeting they needed more information about the cameras, such as annual maintenance cost. Council also asked if the cameras can be leased.

Eberhardt said she would get more details. She also said she would be more than happy if a council member would assist in the process.

Installing cameras after bouts of vandalism has long been the talk of various city council members as well as city managers. In 2012, former city manager Dennis Ritter suggested the city look into infrared cameras to be used at night.

Eberhardt said she welcomes opinions on the issue, and can be reached via email at eberhardtc@villageofclarkston.org.

Staff writer covering Independence Township and Clarkston area.
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