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MME: Goodrich among top five districts in Genesee County

July 09, 2014 - Goodrich-Michelle Imbrunone's first week as the new district superintendent included learning her way around the district and receiving Michigan Merit Exam results that were near the top among all Genesee County schools.

"We are very excited by the information and being in the top five among our county high schools," said Michelle Imbrunone, district superintendent. "Keeping in mind that this is just a snapshot, we are encouraged by the growth our students made on the MME over the past years. Science is an area that is on our radar and while we dipped slightly, we look at this as an opportunity for teachers and staff to use the data to support further academic growth and achievement."

The MME is given to eleventh-grade students from across the county who are assessed in March on science, reading, mathematics, social studies and writing, as well as the ACT college entrance exam. These assessments provide a way to measure all Michigan students in the same subjects, at the same time. The tests provide data on students' academic performance.

According to the data released by the Michigan Department of Education last week, Goodrich High School juniors have shown improvements each year in mathematics, reading, writing and social studies since 2011.

Imbrunone said she, along with the staff, will continue to build on the upward trend in MME scores.

"Our relationship with the Institute for Excellence in Education has provided teachers with an opportunity to drill into curriculum using the focused instructional model in mathematics K-12," she added. "This effort built focused targets for instruction commonly known as power standards. Using laser like precision, our teachers are better equipped to align with the Common Core State Standards. Going forward, this partnership continues and will expand to include literacy across the content areas at the secondary level."

The new cut scores represent a significantly higher standard for student achievement and are intended to ensure that all students are on track to be successful in an increasingly "global" economy according the MDE.

The high school students that were not proficent will be emphasized, Imbrunone added.

"We are determined to continue to support all staff members to utilize the focused instructional model which better equips them to meet the needs of all learners," she said. "I am really excited to hear the positive and overwhelming feedback from the staff on the PD the district offered. I look forward to continuing this momentum."

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