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Summer time for fun outfits

Rachel Vale sports a sundress for the summer. (click for larger version)
July 23, 2014 - BY LAURA DUCHARME

Special to the Clarkston News

Not sure what to wear this summer? Here are some top trends to look for.

High-waisted shorts will be a staple in everyone's wardrobe this summer. They are perfect for just about any occasion, from hanging out with your family to having a nice night out with friends. You can dress casual with a pair of jean high-waisted shorts and a t-shirt. Pair this with low top converse and you're ready to relax for the day.

For a night out with friends, you will want to dress up your shorts. Black high-waisted shorts and a fitted shirt will look classy. Add a bold necklace and a pair heeled boots to finish off the look.

Maxi skirts will be seen all over town. The light fabric is perfect for the summer and makes you look more dressed up than your average jeans and t-shirt outfit. Since the skirts are longer you will want to wear a crop top or tank top with them so you won't get too warm in the summer sun.

If your skirt is a solid color you can have fun with the top and wear a pattern or bold jewelry. A great way to add a fun touch is to wear a patterned skirt. A black and tan stripped maxi skirt with a black tank top can be worn to just about any occasion.

"Maxi's are the perfect summer staple," said Angie Thon of Clarkston. "They are super comfortable, they can be dressed up with super cute wedges or dressed down with flip flops, they're cute and they're cheap!"

As usual, sundresses are essential this summer. With so many different styles and colors available there is one that fits everyone's style. Sundresses also come in different lengths, so you can wear a short dress or a maxi dress. Depending on the occasion, you can dress up your sundress with heels or keep it casual with sandals.

"I love sundresses because it's quick, cute and comfy," said Marianna Kilbourne of Clarkston.

This summer is all about bold accessories so experiment with a bubble necklace, midi ring or a cuff earring. Bold accessories require simple outfits, so if you outfit has many patterns on it, go with simple jewelry instead.

For makeup, it is best to stick with a natural look. Instead of wearing foundation, wear a BB cream. This lighter formula is perfect for those hot summer days. A little bit of bronzer will help give off the "bronze goddess" look.

For eyes, wear a light-colored eye shadow with a bit of mascara to help brighten your eyes. If you want to wear eyeliner then apply it to your tightline so it looks more natural. Remember to curl your eyelashes before you apply your mascara to make them look longer.

Hair his summer is all about the beach look. If your hair is naturally wavy or curly, then just apply a bit of texturizing spray to add definition. If your hair is straight then create messy curls with a curling wand. Spray your hair with hairspray after to make sure it holds all day and you're done.

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