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Coffee from around the world offered at PX2

July 23, 2014 - By Katie Winkler

Review Staff Writer

What makes World of Beans Micro-roaster special, located inside PX2 Automotive, is where their beans grow and how fresh they taste.

Most coffee retailers, like Starbucks and Tim Horton's, roast their coffee beans –fifty pounds or more at a time — while World of Beans Micro-Roaster does single pounds upon orders, making the coffee more fresh and tasty.

Their beans come from all around the world and come in a variety of 32 flavors including Ethipoian Yirgacheffe, Kenya Peaberry, Hawiian Style and organic Sumatra, starting at $9.99 a pound. World of Beans Micro-roaster has one of eight micro-roasters in the United States at their location, 709 South Lapeer Road.

"Anywhere you can imagine, we have coffee from there. The different ways a bean will taste depends on where it was grown," owner Barb Wedding said.

Upon ordering, edding throws a pound of beans in the micro-roaster and, after five minutes, customers are handed a bag of warm, freshly roasted coffee beans.

"It's always been a passion of ours. We love coffee. We had a little extra space here from PX2 Automotive so what we did is we wanted to put out and roast the finest coffee you can buy in the country," husband Jim Wedding said.

World of Beans Micro-roaster hopes to expand their business, moving out of PX2 and into a building of their own.

In the meantime, Wedding has been going to local businesses to possibly distribute their coffee to others so their customers can also experience the taste of coffee beans from around the world.

"We private label coffee for high-end restaurants," J. Wedding said.

"We are talking with Old Detroit Bar & Grill right now and they are interested in private labeling the coffee. What we do is we customize a particular coffee for them that no one else has, then we put in in Old Detroit bags and they can sell that as their own coffee."

Whether customers wish to get a cup of freshly-made coffee while waiting for their oil to be changed at PX2, or want to get a pound of beans to take home to enjoy with the family, World of Beans Micro-roaster guarantees everyone will enjoy their coffee.

For more information or businesses that would like to work with World of Beans, visit their website at worldofbeansmicroroaster.com or stop in PX2.

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