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First virtual school students AP results positive

July 23, 2014 - After opening the Brandon Virtual School in the fall of 2013 the first students have moved through the online classes—with some very positive scores.

The Brandon Virtual School provides a variety of online international baccalaureate courses along with classes through Michigan Virtual in addition to advanced placement and honors classes through its partnership with the Virtual High School of Boston. When the Brandon School District opened its virtual school at the high school last year, the goal was to bring new learning opportunities to students and avoid scheduling conflicts that prevented some students from taking all the classes they wanted.

Following the first year Brian Moore, school coordinator who reported about 80 high school students enrolled in the virtual school, was happy with the results.

"The first group of students to take advanced placement classes through the Brandon Virtual School fared very well," said Moore. "The nine students posted a 100 percent pass rate on the tests."

The College Board, a not-for-profit organization that oversees the advanced placement, which connects college success and opportunity, reports the national pass rate for students on all tests is around 58 percent. Advanced placement tests are scored on a scale of 1-5. A score of three is considered passing and five is the highest score possible. Brandon students scored a five on 10 tests, a four on one, and a three on three tests, reported Moore. The average score for all the tests, according to the College Board, was 4.5.

"I'm blown away by this, I've never seen 100 percent, they were very successful students to begin with—some of our strongest students took on the opportunity of the virtual school," he said. "It works great for them. The virtual school is not just for credit recovery and works for a variety of students. Each of these kids was a full-time student at Brandon who used the online class as part of their schedule. If I am a motivated high school student reading this, I am using their example to push myself to the limit academically."

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