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Raising funds for Devoted Friends

July 30, 2014 - Brandon Twp.- More than 600 animals have found homes in the past four years with the help of Devoted Friends.

The 501c3 animal rescue is closing in on 700 intakes for animals, with close to 100 animals in foster care right now.

On Monday, Linda Carmean held two kittens in her arms available for adoption at Pet Supplies "Plus," 22 N. Ortonville Road, while behind her, three more kittens pounce around in cages and bat their paws at visitors who reach in to pet them. Among other animals available for adoption, but not at the pet store, are two lab mix puppies Carmean said are "adorable," as well as a blind shih tzu, and a 10-year-old dog she says no one seems to want due to age.

A miniature pinscher dog was adopted earlier in the day, but to continue their success, the non-profit organization founded by Carmean and Kim Hagar in 2010 needs monetary assistance to pay for veterinary care and supplies for the animals.

A fundraiser to help the Devoted Friends Animal Society will begin at 6:30 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 16, at Bullfrogs, 2225 S. Ortonville Road. The event will feature live classic rock band "The Bourbon Project" from 8-10:30 p.m., as well as a Chinese raffle and a 50/50 raffle. A percentage of all Bullfrogs sales this evening will be donated to Devoted Friends when you tell your server you are there to support the animal society.

Devoted Friends has numerous supporters that foster animals in their homes, including Kim Hartness, who organized the fundraiser, as well as Melissa Borden, who opened the Devoted Barn in Newport as part of Devoted Friends and has taken in feral dogs, llamas, and more.

"Our animals are all immunized when we adopt them out," said Carmean. "Our fosters pay for the food for the animals and we try to cover most of the vetting. We used to do charity poker to cover the costs, but the state put a hold on that. The fundraiser will offset our vet bills, including the cost of spays and neuters. We've had a kitten that had to have an eye removed, and kitties with leg injuries or that had to have subcutaneous fluids given because they were dehydrated from being away from their mother when they were too little. It also helps with dogs' heartworm (treatment and prevention) and treatment of parvovirus."

There is always a need for rescue, Carmean continued, as many people are not educated on the care required for animals nor ready for the commitment.

"A lot of animals suffer when they aren't in a committed home where people make them part of the family," she said. "Make sure you know what you're getting into. Most people know, but it only takes a few to cause a problem. Please don't breed animals or buy from a pet store. There are plenty of good, wonderful animals available for adoption."

For more information, call Linda Carmean at 248-884-3594 or e-mail

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