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Letter to the Editor

A call for truth

October 26, 2011 - Dear Editor,

We would like to correct some of the misinformation in Supervisor Dave Wagner's letter to the editor, Oct. 19. Even during his disability he's shown taxpayers that what matters to him is not the truth, but what he can get the voters to believe.

The board did not hire a part time deputy supervisor to perform the supervisor's duties in the event of his disability, as he claims. The part time deputy supervisor was hired to help Mr. Wagner with his budget.

Long before becoming "disabled" two people had to be hired at taxpayer expense because Mr. Wagner was failing to do his HR and his budget duties. Both duties are requirements of the position that he ran for, and when both proved to be beyond his capabilities, someone had to be hired to help him. Yet, he's never taken a cut in pay or benefits.

Mr Wagner failed to make light of the fact that he was using the results of the August 2008 primary election when he claims he was re-elected by 60 percent of the vote. He went on to run unopposed in the November 2008 general election.

Truth be told, Mr. Wagner was re-elected by just 2,442 residents of this township. Those 2,442 votes were cast in the Aug. 5, 2008, primary election, not the general election. That's less than 10 percent of the 26,000 registered voters in Independence Township. Of the 3,919 who made it to the 2008 primary election to vote, he beat his Republican opponent by just 483 votes!

Over 3,500 voters signed a petition for his recall. If we were to use the same deceptive use of primary votes, then we'd have to conclude that almost 90 percent, 3,500 of 3,919 voters, believe they made a mistake and want him recalled.

Mr. Wagner's callous admission in the papers that he is "holding on" to his elected position at full pay so he and his family can collect lifetime healthcare from taxpayers after serving only seven years would be embarrassing for most to brag about, but not Mr. Wagner.

We think it's time for the trustees to follow the state's lead by eliminating lifetime healthcare for all future elected officials and their families. We can think of no better way to separate the career politicians from the true public servants then to eliminate healthcare when elected officials terms expire.

Michael & Lori Powell

Independence Township

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