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October 26, 2011 - Dear Editor,

In the letter "Parent upset by school phone call," Oct. 12, the writer expressed shock at an impersonal "one-way blast phone call" from Superintendent Rock, thanking him for allowing teachers time for professional development.

I wonder why the offended party reacted by hypocritically firing off an impersonal "one-way blast Letter to the Editor" instead of contacting Dr. Rock. He is a reflective and approachable leader who would gladly welcome the inquiry.

I have taught in Clarkston for nine years, but I am the last man to unequivocally support the district. In this case, though, I find this format for professional development quite useful. I feel that it benefits students, I think that I can explain its advantages, and I believe that most teachers feel the same. I encourage curious parents to contact a few of their children's teachers and find out exactly what we do on these days.

The letter in question asserted that "parents should be allowed to audit the…meetings." The suggestion was offered in sarcasm, but I urge interested parents to work with the district to do exactly that. I am stingy with my taxes, and I often question how my money is spent by the Postal Service and MDOT. Given the value of our children, compared to a package or a road, one would be foolish NOT to know how their children's teachers were using their tax-supported time.

I think that most parents who audited a professional development day would find it worth the time and money. If not, they should ask the Board and Dr. Rock to discontinue them. The letter bemoaned a lack of "debate" and "public input." On the contrary, board meetings have this kind of "debate," and the election of board members is the best kind of "public input." I urge the writer – and all citizens – to participate in board meetings and elections. The people hold the power: that's the beauty of America!

Chas Claus

CHS Graduate & Teacher

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