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Letter to the Editor

Be positive

October 26, 2011 - Dear Editor,

I moved to Clarkston in 2008. Before moving here, working in Virginia schools, I heard negative things about Michigan schools.

I no longer work in a school system but my children are both in Clarkston schools. To my surprise, I am amazed and cannot imagine a better school system on the planet!

I think Dr. Rock and his staff are doing an exceptional job in every way and I am ecstatic about the creative way he is bringing foreign language into elementary schools.

Regarding the unfavorable letters I have been reading in the Clarkston News, being negative is neither healthy nor helpful in any way. If you are interested in making changes, you may benefit from reading or watching "The Secret" because it helps people learn the importance of positive thinking and positive energy.

Anna Muzzy

Independence Township

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