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As promised, a non-cynical column

November 02, 2011 - Of course it's been a week since I made that promise, and the memory of the public is three days, so I may revert . . .

To start:

• Beauty and handsomeness are only a light switch away.

• Ever feel like you are diagonally parked in a parallel universe?

- - - 0 - - -

One of the lessons of life I haven't repeated often enough is: "If it's inevitable, do it now!"

Several years ago I joined Gregg Smith's DIN Club. Gregg was publisher of The Charlevoix County News in Boyne City.

He promoted his Do It Now Club with this verse.

"If with pleasure you are viewing any work a man is doing,

If you like him or love him, tell him now.

Don't withhold your approbation till the parson makes oration

As he lies with snowy lillies o'er his brow;

For no matter how you shout it, he won't really care about it;

He won't know how many teardrops you have shed;

If you think some praise is due him, now's the time to slip it to him.

For he can not read his tombstone when he's dead."

- - - 0 - - -

New Hampshire was the ninth to adopt the Constitution of the United States. They did it June 21, 1788, and our Constitution was officially and legally ours.

However, it wasn't until March 1789 that the government declared it to be in effect. That nine month span is probably many months faster than we could expect from our current government.

About that time Richard Henry Lee, from Virginia, introduced the resolution that read "these united colonies are, and of the right ought to be, free and independent states . . . and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain is, and of right ought totally dissolved."

Free at last, free at last, free at last! Obviously, that wasn't an original saying by Martin Luther King.

- - - 0 - - -

You might have read the following here first, if you had a 1976 Jottings:

"Early to bed, early to rise and your gal goes out with six other guys."

- - - 0 - - -

I have never, and will never, order tilapia fish (if that's really a fish) in a restaurant.

I've never heard of the guys going tilapia fishing, let alone bragging about, "this big tilapia that broke my line."

When I first heard of tilapia being a fish, I concluded it was man-made of ground-up "something" from either China or Mexico.

The origin, I felt, came from the same university-type person who invented "Orange Roughy." We never learned what lure to use to catch an orange roughy or a legal limit.

The first time I saw Fluke on a menu I figured it was a fluke, as in mistake. But at least it was in the dictionary. Fluke: lobe of a whale's tail.

Just last week tilapia was being discussed on the radio. The emcee asked, "What do you feed tilapia?"

He said, "Chicken droppings."

Enjoy your tilapia.

And I'm not being cynical.

Jim Sherman, Sr. is president of Sherman Publications, Inc. He has penned "Jim's Jottings" since 1955.
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