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Reader sees Internet sales benefit

November 02, 2011 - Dear Editor,

Contrary to the statement of the politician quoted in "Local businessman joins effort for fair tax of online sales," Oct. 19, the proposed legislation introduces a new tax for consumers, otherwise no legislation would be required.

We all want economic success for our community, but I'd like to see the tax return and payroll of the retail business owner who contends that 100K in sales translates into a newly created local job--even a single minimum wage job!

The reality is that most additional sales result in greater net profits for the business owner which are usually taxed at far lower income tax rates than the income taxes paid by middle class Americans.

Sadly, too many legislators oppose truly fair taxation where the nation's wealthiest pay their fair share. High-income taxpayer loopholes go unaddressed while consumers are asked to pay more, again.

Internet retailers often facilitate greater market competitiveness and generate sales that many consumers otherwise might not make with the imposition of additional costs via tax. The increased competition afforded by Internet access finally frees consumers from limited choice and price monopolies sometimes associated with local retail outlets.

Internet companies also facilitate higher paying jobs for delivery and courier personnel who reside in our community. The business solution is for retailers to pursue more contemporary sales approaches, reaching new customers from outside the community via the Internet and offering more competitive choices, services and prices.

Michael Fetzer

Independence Township

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