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A call for public input on traffic

November 16, 2011 - Dear Editor,

In response to Mr. Walker's comments on the traffic speed in downtown Clarkston ("Slow down in downtown," Oct. 26), this has been a topic of complaint and discussion for as long as I have lived here, which is over 30 years.

It has been an election issue, a planning issue, and a safety issue although little has been done. He should know that the speed limit on Main Street is set by MDOT, not the city and the city has been advised not to request a change as that would require a traffic study which would probably result in the speed limit being increased.

Yes, you read that correctly, the city has been told that it will probably go up, not down.

This was addressed by a group I was part of and organized by the City Planning Commission several years ago but the City Council decided to not act on any of our recommendations.

After a resident was hit by a car while crossing the street earlier this year, another committee was formed but I have not heard what they are doing or what they may recommend.

Meanwhile, many of us walk or bike in and around town, or perhaps some don't because they fear for their safety. I recommend Mr. Walker call the city manager, mayor, any City Council member or any member of the Planning Commission and let them know his concerns.

Perhaps if enough people voice their opinions something will be done. There are ways to slow down traffic, discourage large trucks, and make it safer for those of us that want to walk into town.

Cory Johnston


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