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Who is Occypy Wall Street?

November 23, 2011 - Dear Editor,

If I know anything about the mainstream media I know they sure can polish an issue. The media's latest pile of dung: the Occupy Wall Street movement. What is Occupy Wall Street? Protestors of OWS claim the movement is "a peaceful protest in response to the economic and democratic crises". That's sounds great but what does the movement really represent? Who are the people behind the movement and why does the media refuse to report the truth? The answer lies behind a filthy mess of radicalism and criminal activity.

What seemed to have started off as a movement with good intentions eventually revealed its true colors. Contrary to what the mainstream media leads you to believe, the protesters of OWS do not represent the "common" American. This is Dan Schoen, a democratic pollster of the Wall Street Journal Report "Our research shows clearly that the movement doesn't represent unemployed America and is not ideologically diverse. Rather, it comprises an unrepresentative segment of the electorate that believes in radical redistribution of wealth, civil disobedience and, in some instances, violence. Half (52%) have participated in a political movement before, virtually all (98%) say they would support civil disobedience to achieve their goals, and nearly one-third (30 percent) would support violence to advance their agenda". The movement is led by a group of radical left-wingers who are advocating Socialism, Communism and Anarchy. Many proudly idolize evil dictators like Stalin and Mao Zedong. Who is funding this extreme group? The movements origins have been linked back to radical George Soros who has been using millions and millions of dollars to ensure the second coming of King Obama. He also has a massive influence in the media. This is an exert from "Media Research Center's Dan Gainor exposed globalist George Soros' financial connections to mainstream media and his funding of $52 million to influence and direct journalism in the national networks … Soros has ties to more than 30 major news organizations, including The New York Times, The Associated Press, The Washington Post, NBC and ABC". Also funding the movement are Labor Unions and even foreign anti-American organizations who have funneled money to OWS to help feed protestors. In fact many anti-American and terror organizations now claim the movement worldwide. Protesters in Iran chant "Death to Wall Street! Death to America!"

About a month or so ago Glenn Beck got ridiculed by the mainstream media for outing Occupy's true agenda and claiming the protestors would not hesitate to "drag you into the streets and kill you". For days Beck got harassed for his comments about the movement. Then roughly two weeks later an OWS protestor while speaking to a large crowd stated that "Beck understands the movements intentions better than most on the left". The Occupier validated Becks claim that the movement is threatening violence and not surprisingly protestors have become increasingly more hostile. "Peaceful" protests have taken a turn for the worse. Protestors across the country have been accused of defecating in public and on police cars, openly using drugs and alcohol, and having sexual intercourse in public. Riots are taking place throughout the nation, a shooting left one dead and one wounded at Occupy Oakland. There have been numerous rapes at several Occupy locations; the number of sexual attacks is getting so high at Occupy Philadelphia women are now being advised to sleep in large groups in order to deter sexual predators. There were also shots fired at the White House by a crazed radical who was in attendance of Occupy DC. Yet we hear very little about this from the mainstream media.

Instead of warning America about the movements call for destruction and violent criminal activities; the mainstream media continues to ignore the ruckus and focus on vague reports of police brutality. Why is that? This movement is threatening America's capitalistic system which is the backbone to our prosperity! Why are the major news outlets not reporting this extreme radicalism?! Why do I hear more about Rick Perry's mistake than the murders and rapes that are taking place at OWS? Is it because possibly the mainstream media and the government officials who refuse to take action against Occupy secretly support there radical ideologies and violent ways? With the mainstream media as corrupt as the politicians in office; it is up to the people to seek the truth.

David Rowe

Atlas Twp.

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