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Letter to the Editor

A call for more pride in Clarkston's appearance

November 30, 2011 - Dear Editor,

As a life-long resident of Clarkston, I must speak up with my disappointment with the lack of maintenance being done on foreclose commercial buildings in Clarkston.

Example, the old BP gas station on the corner of M-15 and Dixie Hwy. I must ask the question, am I the only person who sees this boarded up gas station, that the weeds have grown up all over the parking lot?

How about the abandoned Clarkston movie theater where the sign is broken, spray paint on the side of the building, weeds are grown up all over the building.

Come on, am I the only person who sees this eyesore of a problem in Clarkston? It is my opinion that our township building department folks have failed to do anything about this on-going problem. It's not like they are spending a whole lot of time with new commercial buildings being built in Clarkston, or residential new homes.

So I must ask the question, what are they doing about this on-going growing issue that Clarkston is faced with?

Where's the pride of Clarkston as it used to be when I was growing up? People wanted to move into the Clarkston community. In my opinion, there are no excuses for these buildings to look the way that they do right now.

In closing, just food for thought. If you were looking to move into the Clarkston area and you are driving around town with your family looking at homes and you saw these buildings that look like the way they do, would you buy a house in Clarkston? Or look elsewhere?

Again, where is the pride in our community?

David J. Wampfler

Independence Township

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