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Letter to the editor

Reader responds to 'clean sweep' viewpoints

December 14, 2011 - Dear Editor,

The recent guest viewpoint "Reader calls for clean slate on township board," Nov. 30, and letter to the editor ("Another call for clean township sweep," Dec. 7) attacked every single member of the current Independence Township Board. These comments were poorly directed.

Such broadsides ignore the hard work, responsiveness and integrity of several members of the Township Board.

These sort of superficial comments and calls to replace the entire board are simplistic and reckless.

This board has accomplished much over the last several years in these very difficult economic times and proves that some of them are serving us very well.

Folks who pay attention and are truly interested in better representative local government can readily see which board members add value and who among them are in it primarily for their own self-interest.

Sadly, the nature of those prior comments shows they are authored by individuals setting up to run for office without having made any positive, significant contributions to our community.

Craig Bennett

Independence Township

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