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Phil in the Blank A column by Phil Custodio

Christmas thoughts

December 21, 2011 - After all these years, I still love the Peanuts holiday specials.

Charlie Brown's Christmas tree, Linus explaining the real reason for the season, the Christmas party dancing.

Charlie Brown's impromptu Thanksgiving feast. I sometimes prepare dinner like that.

Charlie Brown's scissors impaired Halloween ghost costume. He got a rock while trick-or-treating, which made him sad.

For Clarkston, rocks are much more welcome this Christmas.

Kid Rock brought some extra national exposure to Clarkston, stopping by the Union and Woodshop to film a segment for Food Network's "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives."

The troops get out of Iraq for Christmas this year. Whether they won or not can be discussed later. Now let's just be happy they're home, or on the way.

Tom Stone and his group Clarkston Cares for Military Families group work to make it easier for local troops and their families as they readjust back to civilian life.

Clarkston Community Schools also has Dr. Rod Rock.

For myself, I got the Christmas tree up on time, right after Thanksgiving. The cats only brought it down once so far. This is an improvement. My oldest cat Henry gnawed on it a bit, but probably just for old times sake. He did that a lot when he was a kitten but is now more than 14 years old.

The office Christmas party was fun. What went on there will not be reported in these pages, which is for the best. I got a barbecue set in the White Elephant gift exchange, which was nice.

Clarkston High School basketball players will stay busy during Christmas break. The Wolves hit the court on Thursday, Dec. 22 Boys Basketball hosts a triple-header vs. Troy Athens, freshman game, 4 p.m.; JV, 5:30 p.m.; Varsity, approximately 7 p.m.

On Monday, Jan. 2, Girls Basketball hosts their triple-header vs. Troy Athens, freshman, 4 p.m.; JV, 5:30 p.m., Varsity, about 7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 3, Boys Basketball hosts Lake Orion, JV, 5:30 p.m., Varsity, about 7 p.m.

Fill the stands and Merry Christmas!

Phil is editor for The Clarkston News. He is a veteran of the first Iraq war, having served in the U.S. Army.
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