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Sad to see Christmas spirit lacking for some

December 21, 2011 - Dear Editor,

On our way to church recently, I casually asked my 15 year old nephew how work went. His reply shocked and saddened me.

He was working outside selling Christmas trees at the gas station on M-15 just north of town. There he was, the dancing Santa, dressed to the nines in the traditional holiday costume; red pants, beard, fur trimmed coat and hat; dancing and waving to the cars and kids. I wasn't outside for more than 5 minutes before the cold whipped through me, but there he was for hours. Doing an honest day's work for an honest day's pay.

As we continued driving in the car, he explained alot of the people were very nice. One man bought him a cup of hot chocolate, another a candy bar, others greeted him with a "Merry Christmas" or honked their horns and waved.

He said he did his best Santa voice when children came near, but confessed he still needed a bit of practice in that department. Not everyone, however, was kind. He said some made jests and yelled slurs out the window, which he's not allowed to repeat. And one man decided to roll down his window and sling an almost full bottle of water at him. He tried to dodge the bottle, but it all happened so quickly, it hit him square in the face. He dropped to his knees for a couple of minutes to shake it off and the manager of the tree sales ran over to him to make sure he was alright. He is okay, but I want to say "shame on you" to whomever threw that bottle out the window. What is this world coming to? I would never dream someone could be so cold hearted and morally void and deliberately hurt Santa!

So I say publically to my precious nephew, may God bless you for working out in the freezing temperatures to help a Michigan business man keep his business thriving!

Merry Christmas!

Diane Sutherland

Independence Township

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