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Guest viewpoint: Maria Rotondo-Mark

Ordinary or extra-ordinary?

January 11, 2012 - Who are the Ordinary People and who are the Extra-Ordinary People?

Would it be evident to others who the ordinary people are; or who the extra-ordinary people may be? Those who have accomplished success; are they ordinary people, or are they simply people doing extra-ordinary things that make themselves and the world a better place?

Most humans have been pre-programmed by creation to strive and produce extra-ordinary results. It is within us to do so in spite of challenges we face. Most often, the 'hardships conquered' produce extra-ordinary results.

We are created in God's image and likeness. There are many ways this is evident, especially the wonders of nature. Nature is fully programmed to sustain itself, in spite of human interventions. From the trees that provide oxygen for humans, to the waterways, the mountains, the streams, the waterfalls, the fresh water fish, ocean life, the grasses and much more. Just look around on a splendid summer day in Michigan.

A cherry tree does not challenge an oak tree for position and rite of passage. A cherry tree produces cherries once per year if cared for by humans and fed by nature; an oak tree provides shade, acorns for animals and most of all, oxygen.

Each of us human beings is capable of extra-ordinary accomplishments for self and the world around us.

Outsiders can share in another individual's good works; yet others cannot choose good works for others. This brings it all back to the innate gift in all life; choice and consequences. We can praise another for good works and if that encourages good behavior it's a bonus that benefits all. We can criticize and punish another for in-appropriate behavior who is the beneficiary of this if anyone? All in all, choice is a built-in consciousness granted to all humans and all living things.

It is everyone's responsibility to develop a sense of well-being or self-assurance, better known as self-esteem from inside out. To be that, is to recognize it in others; thus fostering one-another respectfully. To ignore this crucial step in human development is to encourage jealousy and bullying to prevail in our midst.

Ordinary people accomplishing extra-ordinary results or extra-ordinary people accomplishing ordinary results; it is the process of learning, growing, experiencing individually and collectively in honor of self and all life.

Words have power; yet they have no more power than humans who choose them. If chosen to build understanding and communication, we all benefit. We have the responsibility as human beings to respect ourselves and one-another for our individual 'human worth.'

I will always be humble and forever a respectful, caring, human being. Pay it forward!

Maria Rotondo Mark lives in Independence Township

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