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Letter to the editor

A call for consequences in township actions

February 08, 2012 - Dear Editor,

In regards to the appointment of Michael Clark as deputy supervisor and hiring of Bart Clark as superintendent ("Competing Clarks," Nov. 23 edition).

Since the appointment of Michael Clark was made as an emergency measure due to the prolonged illness of David Wagner, the creation, and subsequent stopgap hiring of Bart Clark was not an emergency.  So what's the hurry?  They had been without a supervisor for 7-8 months. Wagner had just appointed a deputy supervisor in accordance with statute 41.61 and now out of the blue, Larry Rosso and company decided to use  Statute 42.10 to create a superintendent position.  This position is normally used to assist and/or relieve a township supervisor from some of day to day activities.  Statute 41.61, on the other hand, is to be used as a result of absence, sickness and/or death.

This actions appears to be a retaliatory and mutinous action by the township board to prevent an action that had already been taken by duly elected township Supervisor Wagner.  This rebellious action was led by the designated and duly elected President Pro Tem Rosso, trustee, and his accomplices, township Clerk Barbara Pollotta, Treasurer Curt Carson, and trustees David Lohmeier, Mark Petterson, and Neil Wallace. It appears they disobeyed the decision of the legally elected supervisor and violated the trust of citizens,

I don't condone any elected officials' behavior, including Wagner. I don't know Michael Clark and it really doesn't matter how good or bad he is, he was legitimately appointed.  The current board and its most vocal members, Wallace and Lohmeier, apparently do not like him and were so desperate they hired a person they had not considered before, who just happened to be sitting in the audience.

These people cannot continue to conduct marathon meetings, purchase buildings, hire contractors, lose equipment, fight with their subordinates, hire personnel and make false claim of accomplishments and so on ... without consequences. 

Accordingly, this situation needs to be investigated and if laws have been broken, these individual need to be prosecuted and/or removed from office. If you broke the law they should prosecute you.

What do you think?

Michael G. Tynan

Independence Township

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