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Keiser's Role A column by Trevor Keiser

11 days too much

February 15, 2012 - After three days of wife Noell not being able to eat or drink anything without throwing it back up, I began to realize normal flu remedies weren't working and took her to a doctor.

He did the normal open up and say "ahhh," "take a deep breath in, now let it out," but then when he got to the "does it hurt when I push here" that a problem was discovered. When he pushed on her stomach and she said "owwww that hurts" and he asked on a scale of 1-10 and she said 7, that he looked at me and said "take her across the street to ER at the hospital."

I rushed her to the emergency room. After an ultra-sound it was determined that my wife may have to have her appendix taken out. When a surgeron finally came in the next morning it was confirmed that a surgery was needed.

This was all new to Noell, as she had not even had her blood drawn prior to this. The only other surgery she had was her adenoids taken out when she was a little kid. I was trying to be strong and encouraging, but I'll admit I shed a few tears, because I hated seeing her in so much pain.

The surgery went well and the doctors thought she'd probably feel better and ready to go home "the next day."

The next day came and Noell was still nauseated and not able to hold food or liquids down, with a fever spiking above 100 degrees. Once they took her off the morphine and put her on a different pain killer her stomach started to settle a little. However, she still wasn't getting better. CAT scans, X-rays, and more blood draws were ordered.

The infectious disease doctor thought she might have a bacterial virus known as Yersimia enterocolitica, which is mainly from eatng raw pork. They also drained fluid from her lungs, thinking it was possible pneumonia setting in. After a scope down the throat, it was determined she has stomach ulcers,

After 11 days in the hospital they finally discharged her last Monday, diagnosed with stomach ulcers, appendicitis, and mononucleosis. After many prayers, tears, and sleepless nights of worry, I am so happy to finally have my lovely wife back home. Thanks all to those who prayed, visited in the hospital, sent cards and gifts and gave encouraging words.

Trevor graduated with degrees in English and communications from Rochester College. He wrote for his college and LA View newspapers before joining The Clarkston News in May 2007.
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