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Letter to the editor - Schools too top heavy

February 15, 2012 - Dear Editor,

Your Feb. 8 column, "Cost of Clean Schools," was a very good article. I understand schools have to issue RFPs mandated by the state, but why is it middle class, hard working people have to be the sacrificial lambs when times get tough? The custodians just agreed to $1.4 million dollars in concessions this past summer. True facts per the U.S. Department of State Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) , Lake Orion has become way too top heavy with their high dollar payrolls. The superintendent makes $563.26 per day totaling $161,000 a year, plus an $8,000 car allowance. Since being hired in, she now has obtained two assistant superintendents making about $120,000 a year a piece. Each school has a principal and an assistant principal - is this necessary? Most of your readers know that most interfacing is always done with the assistant principals. Maybe it is time to let the assistants run the district and appoint an individual/ manager to oversee them or look at cutting out some of the assistants. GM and Chrysler just recently came out of bankruptcy and then turned around and gave the top management millions of dollars in profit sharing and bonuses. Where is the justification in this? Aren't they the ones running these businesses and got them into the predicament to begin with? Well, schools are no different, so to speak. They are top heavy in payrolls just like most of corporate America and it's time they started giving! It's time the middle class, hard working individuals of America stood together and say enough is enough!

M Welch

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