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Letter to the editor - Ceremony inspires Young Marine

February 29, 2012 - Dear Editor,

September 11 Ceremony 2011, at the Orion Veterans Memorial, a Young Marine, Noah Chappell, wrote this inspiring description of what he saw and felt when the last wall was unveiled. Noah is 14 and his insight explains most beautifully

of what our Memorial means to him and us.

Sincerely, Dr. J. Mastromatteo

The Unveiling Of The Wall

The veterans were called upon to raise the long blue tarp off the memorial wall. People watched the tarp slowly rise up against the granite wall.

As the blue tarp lifted higher, it revealed a white cross. Another cross appeared, and then a whole bunch of crosses stood in rows. The veterans pulled the blue tarp the rest of the way off. The audience clapped.

The memorial wall was beautiful. The many rows of crosses represent all the lives lost for our country's freedom. Sometimes, I don't remember all the lives lost, until I saw all the crosses etched into the wall. I am so thankful for the families that lost lives, in order to protect our country's freedom.

I am even more thankful to God, who also sent His Son Jesus to die on the cross; so that we could have freedom from our sins. I'm proud to have been a part of the color guard for the young marines at the veteran's memorial.

It was an honor to have served in the unveiling of the wall, to honor the veterans of our country.

Pvt. Noah Chappell, Young Marine

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