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Cost of clean schools inaccuracies

March 14, 2012 - Dear Editor,

In regards to your letter of Feb. 8th, "Cost of Clean Schools," I would have to say it was not accurate.

The lake Orion Community custodians do so much more than clean the schools. We are trained to do electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling. We repair floor tile and do replacement. We shampoo the carpets, paint and clean all the walls.

We are up at 4 a.m., and at the schools by 6 a.m. to remove all the snow off the sidewalks and salt them for a safe entry for parents/students. We set up all the events for the students (tables, chair etc), and tear them down on top of cleaning our areas.

We are there for the students needs. We love our jobs and it shows.

Thank You

Pamela M. Welch

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