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Letter to the Editor

Citizen supports school bond vision

March 21, 2012 - Dear Editor,

Dr. Rock has been in Clarkston for only one and a half years and in that short time has helped grow a vision of what Clarkston Schools can and should be. His commitment to do right, not what is easy or popular, truly sets him apart. Creating a thinking culture is but one example.

Working to pass a bond to better educate our future workforce is another.

Recently a citizen hinted that the upcoming election is set in May to preclude the elderly from voting—absentee ballots are just as accessible in May as in August, November and February.

Interestingly, he seems to assume that those who don't have children in the schools do not have a vested interest in the education of our youth.

I spend time every Sunday with elderly people and consistently I hear from them how important educational opportunity is for our children.

Why in May, he asked. Answer: so that the schools can collect money this summer to positively impact our students in 2012, rather than 2013.

Why buy iPads or other technology? Answer: this is how the business world is run—our students need to be able to enter that workforce competitively. Regarding schools living within their means, this bond money is by and far for capital expenses—not salaries, paper, and/or pencils. The cost of living has increased and income to schools has dramatically decreased; thus the gap between expenses and income is constantly increasing.

I am thankful the leader of Clarkston Schools has a clear vision of how to help today's youth reach beyond their grasp, to become critical thinkers.

Kristy Spann

Independence Township

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