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Good government does permit some compassion

March 28, 2012 - (In response to 'Campground residents not above the law,' The Citizen, March 17, page 6)

Dear Editor,

I notice that you do not seem to consider the fact that we are talking about seniors in there 80's and at least one being a WW 2 veteran with an ill wife. You do mention there "late model car and that they take vacations"!! Does this mean that you are assuming that they have a hundred thousand or so available to purchase a house? And what if there car was 5 years old and they had not taken a vacation in 3 years would you have compassion for them then?

Number one there is a precedent that was started here, why not 4 years ago when the campground closed for the season were these seniors allowed to stay? You have let them stay there for years getting older (in the 80's each year is reaching) and in some cases ill. If this is a "state issue" as having been described , then why are my tax dollars being spent to evict senior citizens? Somebody allowed these people to feel comfortable enough that they could stay there year round,

We all seem to have become so complacent in our daily life's that we permit government large and small to intrude into our lives and continue to create new regulations as we stand by and say "that's just not right". Our local government sometimes just doesn't seem to understand that being part of a good government does permit some compassion.

Lance Gunn

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