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Why can't government work?

March 28, 2012 - Dear Editor,

Recently, I had an issue that I felt was a "prime" example of why people feel many of our government institutions cannot run effectively as most of use run our own lives or business.

Case in point: a few weeks ago I received a letter from the County Water Resource Department (formerly Drain Commission). They are in charge of protecting our water resource; a very important job.

The letter advised me of a Clinton Water Shed project. Groveland Township is being assessed for part of this cost. The cost is spread over all the acreage in the watershed on a proportional basis.

It turns out Groveland Township has a very small piece of property on the east side of the Township. It represents not one percent, not one-tenth percent, not one hundredth percent, but 13 ten thousandth of a percent.

When I calculated our share of the cost, it was less than 10 dollars over the three year billing cycle. That means that they would bill us in three installments of $2.60 per year for our share.

When I called and suggested that it would have been cheaper and more cost effective to eliminate three bills (most studies say a bill costs $10-$15 to render) and pay the money from the administrative savings, I was told they could not do that. In fact, they advised me that some assessments are sent out that are less than the cost of postage.

Something is wrong when government institutions cannot do the obvious and use a little common sense. We have all heard of similar wasteful purchases through the Pentagon. When every level of government finally starts to operate under some rule of common sense, maybe we can all restore our faith in government and return this country to the greatness its citizens deserve.

Robert De Palma

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