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Viewpoints on township fire mill issue, candidacies

Supervisor race

May 23, 2012 - Dear Editor,

This race between Neil Wallace and Todd Waring is like the one between President Obama and Mitt Romney.

Obama can't run on his record so he gets others to beat up on Romney. Likewise, Neil Wallace can't run on his record unless he's proud of the thousands in tax dollars spent on huge increases for township attorneys and consultants, a private investigation looking for a township tractor, refusing to cooperate with sheriff investigators on sending township employees on private property. No, Wallace has his people beat up on Todd Waring.

Like Obama, Neil Wallace loves spending other people's money, and Todd Waring, like Mitt Romney, is a business man, not a politician.

Neil Wallace is the problem and Todd Waring is the solution.

Rudy D. Lozano

Independence Township

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