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The memorial is done, thank you to all involved

June 20, 2012 - Dear Editor,

At the unveiling of the center monument only one man was given credit fro the memorialand the monument.

The men in the picture and many more have over the last 19 years had several fund raisers to help pay for what is there , they all voted and made the decision of what monuments, they have worked diligently, pushing idrt, planting shrubs, flowers and more to make the memorial the crown jewel it is for the community.

So when praise and credit is given, lets make sure we include all that made it happen.

The second picture is of Bob Watros at he memorial which is where you can find him every day. I mean every day. He is not only a veteran that worked to make the memorial what it is, but he is the one who has been removing snow, he sweeps, waters, plants, shines, polishes and checks that every detail has been taken care of. So if you should run into him, give him a handshake and an extra thank you.

To all that made our heartfelt memorial - Thank you.

Diane Lunau

Julie Bradshaw

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