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Letter to the Editor

Don't smear Wallace

June 27, 2012 - Dear Editor,

Neil Wallace's opponents, unable to attack his qualifications and experience for the supervisor's position, have resorted to a campaign of misinformation and deceit. One opponent and his campaign manager, Rudy Lozano, lashed out in these pages, as harsh and inaccurate as a TASER in the wrong hands ("Supervisor race," May 23).

As a member of the Independence Township Board, Neil Wallace had a responsibility to all of us to try and find the missing tractor then-Supervisor David Wagner had removed. Neil asking knowledgeable Township employees to drive by in an effort to identify it in a place it was reported to be is not directing that it be removed.Importantly, the County Sheriff found no evidence that the tractor had been removed from that private property.

Possibly this was twisted into a political attack because that opponent does not have the true community involvement and experience we have all seen from Neil Wallace for so many years. Those are available on Neil's website:

It would be sad and a disservice to the voters to see more of these attacks.

Perhaps they are inevitable when this opponent commented that Mark Petterson did not play a role in embarrassing political squabbling. This suggests both that he does not pay attention to Township Board meetings and he doesn't understand he is engaging in the same sort of crass squabbling Mr. Petterson has done for all of us to see.

The truth is we need the experience, integrity, vision and steady leadership of Neil Wallace as township supervisor.

Gregory K. Need

Independence Township

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