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Letter to the Editor

Pallotta for clerk

June 27, 2012 - Dear Editor,

Although we initially met due to a misunderstanding over the voter identification laws, Clerk Barb Pallotta and I have since become strong allies. It was Barb's diligence and integrity in quickly addressing our disagreement that inspired me to serve under her as an Independence Township Election Inspector. I have since worked with Barb on the Absent Voter Counting Board and as a poll worker, witnessing her dynamic leadership and consistent attention to detail first hand.

Barb's behind-the-scenes contributions to this community are enumerable, but I believe that her added value as a public servant in Independence Township shines brightest in the role of election instructor. She literally trains each individual poll worker on complex changes in election technology and law, and despite varying skill levels amongst poll workers, she does so with the patience of an experienced teacher. This supportive hands-on strategy has built a foundation for a knowledgeable team of election inspectors who are committed to ensuring that our local elections are accessible, fair, and accurate.

It is because of her dedication to this community that I will be casting my vote for Clerk Barb Pallotta on Tuesday, Aug. 7.

Jeremy Mitchell

Independence Township

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