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Letter To The Editor

Support for Wallace vision

July 11, 2012 - Dear Editor,

I am supporting Neil Wallace for supervisor. Neil has demonstrated his ability to lead our community during the recent challenging economic years.

He has worked with the board and the department heads to improve the budget process. He has said many times Fire and Police protection for the residents of our community are the top items on his agenda. In 2010 he presented to the supervisor and the board an analysis of the budget items for the Oakland County deputies. Rather than a cutback of 20 percent, which was presented by the supervisor, the board approved a cutback of 10 percent based on Neil's proposal. This is the kind of dedication, knowledge and initiative that we need in our supervisor.

Neil has attended all of the scheduled meetings in the last four years. He comes to the meetings prepared to address the agenda items. His work ethic is motivated by his desire to do the best for the citizens of our community.

Neil has the vision to promote growth in our community, in accordance with the Master Plan, that will provide revenue for services to the residents of Independence Township.

Vote for Neil Wallace for Supervisor on Aug. 7.

Carolyn Morrison

Independence Township

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