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Letter To The Editor

Wallace has the skills

July 11, 2012 - Dear Editor,

On Aug. 7, I will be voting for Neil Wallace for Independence Township supervisor.

Of the candidates for supervisor, he alone has the skills, experience and determination to lead our township government. I know from watching virtually every township board meeting over the last four years his skill sets and dedication to our community is abundantly clear.

In an effort to be objective I have researched the information made available by the other candidates which only makes it all the more apparent we need Neil Wallace for our township supervisor.

It is obvious to me that there is no other candidate that understands the issues we face and is willing to talk about them in depth. Just look at www.rtownshipmatters.com as I have.

The residents of Independence Township will be the recipient of the sacrifices Neil Wallace makes for their benefit. Let me explain. Mr. Wallace is a prominent attorney who practices law in the township. I am convinced he could spend his time making much more money in his practice rather than giving so much time to our community. I for one am very thankful for his dedicated service.

On Aug. 7, join me in voting for Neil Wallace for township supervisor. We need his leadership.

Craig Strickland

Independence Township

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