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Letter to the Editor: Resident sees need for change in supervisor position

July 11, 2012 - Dear Editor,

The One thing that I remember most about growing up in the 50's & 60's in Pontiac was my Pontiac Government Teacher stating that the people we vote in office would bring down this great town because the average hardworking person does not vote, or pay attention to what our local leaders are doing with our tax dollars.

Pontiac was a great city before the leaders built wide track drive around down town that closed the city down. Then spend taxpayers' money to build the Silverdome, that the average person didn't use. And the biggest mistake was allowing crime to get out of control.

I can see if we allow our present Lake Orion Supervisor JoAnn Van Tassel to continue with her lack of putting public safety first, and being more concerned about the new bigger and better projects like the Orion Center and Wildwood Pavilion, that few taxpayers will use, we will be heading down the same path as Pontiac.

As she allowed Two Less Sheriff Deputies for 2012, I worry about crime and the safety of our township. Van Tassel stated, "The possibility of cutting township positions to reduce expenses was not really an option," but we can cut sheriff deputies. She stated "We need to make allowances for our New Orion Center and Wildwood Pavilion, they will provide Beautiful Settings and have to keep them well maintained". Van Tassel admits she has no idea how much it will cost to maintain these trophy's. Our supervisor JoAnn Van Tassel shows that her friends in township offices and the new buildings are more important then our safety.

We can allow this to continue by not voting, I am sure Van Tassel has many old friends that will go to the polls and vote for her again. The folks at Hi-Hill might even get a second chance at getting all the sewer bills paid, than she supported.

Or we can Vote for Some One New.

Chris Barnett could be the one that changes the way we are heading. We only have a few short weeks to work to make a change.

We could do nothing and become like Pontiac, a once great City that failed, because of leadership.

-Mike Buckley

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