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July 18, 2012 - Councilman responds

Dear Editor,

This is regarding the city manager's attempt to portray my views on the city's repeated spending of unappropriated funds as some kind of aberrant personal opinion with no basis in fact, since the city's auditors supposedly have blessed the city's budget ("City 2012-2013 budgets OK'd," July 4).

Here are facts: The city budgets on an activity/department basis. During my tenure, it has several times spent unappropriated funds, exceeding the budget amount for a particular activity/department.

For just one example, before amending the budget in April 2012, the city budgeted $37,400 for professional services and, as of March 31, 2012, spent $45,111. That's an expenditure of unappropriated funds. That violates state law. Fixing it by amending the budget to catch up with the spending doesn't make it right. The budget is supposed to control and limit spending, before the money is gone.

And this is not just my personal opinion. The auditors, whom the city manager relies on to say all is ok, said this in their last audit: "The adopting of the Michigan Uniform Local Budgeting Act ... has made it mandatory that balanced budgets be adopted and that those budgets be amended before expenditures exceed the budgeted amounts.

"We noted that the budget was amended during the fiscal year in an attempt to comply with the budget requirements. As previously noted, despite the amendments, expenditures exceeded budgeted amounts in various activities."

I leave it to the city's taxpayers to decide for themselves whose view of the city's spending is right.

Richard Bisio, City Council member


No vote for Wallace

Dear Editor,

President Obama said, as a Christian, he believed marriage was between one man and one woman. Well, Obama changed his mind after the Hollywood gay community threatened to cut off donations to his campaign.

Now we have Neil Wallace, who was opposed to the commercial corridor on Sashabaw Road, championed by former Supervisor Dale Stuart, which most agreed was a good idea.

Neil was also opposed to the McLaren hospital project but now he supports it.

I guess, like Obama, Neil has evolved.

It's amazing what these guys will say to get elected.

Rudy Lozano

Independence Township

A call for new trustees

Dear Editor,

We need new blood on the Independence Township Board. Jose Aliaga and Ron Ritchie are two young men who are running for Independence Township trustee. They are both great candidates and will serve you well.

Jose Aliaga promises to work on creating a friendly business environment. He plans to encourage new business and retain our current businesses. He is community minded and will be focused on the needs of the community. Jose is well-educated and will be fiscally responsible.

So far in this current election season, Jose has visited over 2,500 homes, explaining his reasons for wanting to be a trustee. So you can see he will certainly be accessible to the taxpayers of this township. We respect his hard work, commitment and dedication to becoming a trustee.

Ron Ritchie understands business and how it should function. He has been a successful business owner/ operator for over 30 years. This talent is needed for a well managed township board. Ron has been directly involved in the community by being a township planning commissioner. He is a certified planning commissioner and vice chairman of the commission. He is always well-prepared for the meetings, insightful and respectful of the applicants, often presenting new, acceptable ideas.

Other township activities include the Township Safety Path Committee and the Dixie Highway Corridor Improvement Committee. Vote Aug. 7 for Jose Aliaga and Ron Ritchie as Independence Township trustees.

Joan McCrary

Independence Township

Support for Wallace

Dear Editor,

My wife Barbara and I are supporting Neil Wallace for Independence Township supervisor.

During my time on the Planning Commission, I witnessed Neil's hard work, perceptiveness, and his dedication to Independence Township .

It should be obvious to citizens that Neil has served on this commission and on many other community township boards and committees out of a genuine concern for the future of Independence Township

Because of his service both inside and outside of government, he has acquired the understanding and experience to get things done to make this an even stronger, more liveable community.

A month ago we had a problem with the road in front of our home. Neil was very responsive to our concerns and helped us get a timely answer.

Neil provides the kind of leadership we need now.


Bob McGowan

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