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Election letters continue

July 18, 2012 - Wallace earned vote

Dear Editor,

Neil Wallace has earned my vote for Independence Township supervisor.

I have known Neil for almost 30 years. I know him well. He is a longtime resident and champion of our township who has freely donated untold hours of his own time seeking to improve the community for all of us. He is open, accessible and returns his phone calls.

Through this service, and especially as a township board member, Neil has gained knowledge, experience and insight into good government. His qualifications far outweigh those competing against him in the election.

Neil will equally protect the interests of township residents. He will work to ensure township growth is managed within the existing constraints of a system designed to maximize positive effect for all parties involved.

Some residents feel the board members are too long. So what? Just as he has as a board member, as supervisor, Neil will continue to ensure the work of the township is complete and transparent. This takes time. I am grateful he and other board members, especially Mr. David Lohmeier, are willing to do it. Please consider a vote for Neil Wallace on Aug. 7.

Zac Bell

Independence Township

Wallace best choice

Dear Editor,

Independence Township residents have multiple choices for supervisor in the 2012 primary election, but only one candidate has the experience, the know-how and the proven and demonstrated commitment and dedication to do the job.

Otherwise, it's like choosing a coach who's never even been on a team or a sea captain who wasn't first a sailor.

As a former mayor of Clarkston, I have had the opportunity to work with and observe Neil Wallace provide community leadership.

This former chairman of the planning commission and current township board member has the knowledge needed to best service the community. He has helped bring focus and guidance to the township and even helped steady the board after the current supervisor took a medical leave of absence more than a year ago.

In these difficult times facing communities, don't be stalled while someone learns the job, or works to represent only a small special interest portion of the community. Without question, Wallace has the necessary skills and experience to serve the township well. He is the logical and clear choice. Vote Neil Wallace for Independence Township supervisor.

Sharron Catallo


Carson goes above, beyond

Dear Editor,

I am writing in support of Treasurer Curt Carson. I originally got acquainted with Mr. Carson after I had an issue with a township employee.

I contacted the township offices and Curt was out of town at an educational conference. He became aware that I was looking for him and he called me at my home. Though we did not see directly eye to eye on this issue, Curt was very professional and empathetic to my concern.

I later found he drove back to Clarkston to address the situation in a positive light with the employee and then went back to the conference early the next morning.

Though I thought any communication with Mr. Carson in the future would possibly be adversarial, that was farthest from the truth. What I found was a public servant who was open, approachable and straightforward. I recognized that he listens and genuinely cares about what I have to say.

He is responsive and always calls me back. I have been going to a number of the meetings and have come to realize Mr. Carson is just as attentive to the public that comes to speak as he has been with me. He tends to be very in touch with where people are on issues.

These are the reasons I support Curt Carson for reelection as treasurer for Independence Township.

Rae LuAllen

Independence Township

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