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July 25, 2012 - Poem for Carson

Dear Editor,

This is an election year and it is great to be experiencing energy moving onward and forward. For some time many of us have been holding on, holding steady, holding our breath to see the tide turn in our community, our state, our country and the world to be viable and productive for the good of all people.

Curt Carson, running for re-election for treasurer of Independence Township, is a long time friend, colleague, mentor, and fellow Optimist member, I've co-chaired committee projects with him on many occasions. I know him personally and professionally. He comes from hard working committed family roots. Curt carries on with these values in his own family, in Independence Township Community and beyond. Curt and his devoted wife Michelle have three children; I'm privileged to have a relationship with each of them individually and collectively.

Politics is not a bad word, it is simply a word that describes or blankets many into one negative judgment that others often adopt; or one can re-define it by electing human beings who are willing to step up to the honorable position and make a difference.

There are no perfect human beings, no perfect politicians; we are all individuals on a journey to learn and build bridges for others to cross. The following is an acronym that in my opinion peeks into the inner human character of Curt Carson.



R. respectful and

T. tactful







Maria Rotondo Mark

Independence Township

Fire millage needed

Dear Editor,

It's been quite a while since I have needed the services of our Independence Township Fire Department.

When my mother Iola was alive, she became a familiar face to our boys in blue. They were here at least once every other week for the better part of two years, whether it was for transport to the hospital, or to help her out of the car upon her arrival back home, or a quick evaluation, or to just help her up off the floor.

During that time period, we definitely cashed in on the services we had paid for, and then some. Since her passing several years ago, my address has become a distant memory to most of those men and women, but their care, concern, and professionalism will not become a distant memory to my family and me.

As I get older, I am certain I will once again call on them for help. I want them to be around just as they were for my mother years ago. Please join me in voting yes to both millage questions on Aug. 7 and keep our boys in blue working for us.

Richard Herbert

Independence Township

Fortuna favored

Dear Editor,

We need a real leader with no hidden secrets.

I am voting for Terry Fortuna for the obvious reasons that may not be so obvious. Terry has been successful in every area of his life from family to business to government service and there's no doubt he will be successful for all of us, if we elect him, and I hope we do.

Terry's track record is impressive and consistent, with his law enforcement career at all levels of government including a position as a special agent with the DEA but what you may not know is that Terry has operated several very successful businesses one being a sales and marketing company representing several national brands including Bushnell Sports Optics which employed 35 individuals. He also operated on the management team as the director of corporate sales for Bavarian Village Ski and Golf.

Let's pick a new leader with a real track record, who can prove it.

Vote for Terry Fortuna for township supervisor.

Craig Martin

Independence Township

Wallace makes his case

Dear Editor,

On Aug. 7, we vote to select our Independence Township leaders for the next four year.

I ask that you vote for me, Neil Wallace, to be your Independence Township supervisor.

Unique among the candidates for this important leadership role, I have been involved in our community, dedicated and active in making it an even better place.

No other candidate for supervisor has the knowledge and experience with township government that I have, nor have they demonstrated by initiatives and accomplishments that they can tackle the challenges we face as a community.

It has been my privilege to serve you in many ways for many years. There is more I can and will do to improve our community and the efficiency of our government.

So I need your support and your vote on Aug. 7.


Neil Wallace

Independence Township

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