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Letter to the Editor: Disappointed in coverage

August 01, 2012 - I'm wondering what qualifies as Lake Orion news! I noticed that you finally ran an article and a picture of the LO track team that won the state meet this year.

That's a major accomplishment-by the way.

One of our own home grown LO young men, Brian Thomas, just completed an 1800 mile run from Florida to Lake Orion for the Colon Cancer charity and raised more than 10,000.00.

He did the reverse in 2001 starting from Lake Orion on January 1 and ran to Florida for Cerebal Palsy. That time he raised 15,000.00 for charity and the pride of Lake Orion.

Brian and his team finished at Christys' on June 30 and ran into the open arms of what he calls home. He did get a lot of coverage from other media both here and all along the way from West Palm. I know you folks were busy covering the turtle crossing the road.

Most importantly, it's the thread that flows. Brian attributes his commitment and strength of chartacter to one of Lake Orion's finest roll models, Coach Stan Ford. What a great picture the two of them together would have been in the Review!

Oh that's right. He's the guy that took the Orion track team to county, regionals, and state wins this year. Coach Ford has been commited to inspiring LO runners since 1997, the year that Brian Thomas graduated LO High School And before that. Wow!

If all that isn't Lake Orion news I'm not sure what rates as interest and inspiration to other parents and LO athletes and readers, in general.

Really-I'm disappointed in your view of what's news worthy in Lake Orion.

Thanks for the moment.

Stephanie Thomas

Orion Resident

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