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Cooper's Comments A column by Krysten Cooper

Lifelong learning

August 01, 2012 - This summer in addition to interning at The Clarkston News I am taking a couple classes.

No matter how many semesters of school I complete, it seems like there are still a few of those general education credits lurking in the background, trying to keep me from graduating on time.

This week I have an exam in one of my classes and I went about studying with the same philosophy I've applied to most of my general education classes so far.

How much of this information can I cram into my head to remember for this exam and forget as soon as it's over? Somewhere in the midst of my frustration, however, I realized this was not the best approach.

Even though I may never use the skills I'm learning in this class again, is that really a reason to forget an entire summer's worth of homework and sitting through lectures?

After careful consideration, I came to the conclusion maybe I should try harder to really learn the material. Because whether I use the material again or not, I'm still learning a skill and every bit of knowledge I take in can help shape me into a more complete and well-rounded person.

Now, everyone who has gone through any type of education probably thought about this at some point, but I think this is something I can stretch to apply to many areas of life outside of education.

For example, next time I'm sitting through a meeting where I'm completely bored, or waiting in line at the bank instead of getting frustrated, why not open my mind and take in everything around me.

People learn new things everyday, but only if they're open to them.

In essence, I'm going to take this philosophy of lifelong learning and try to use it in every situation.

If I can focus enough on that goal, I'll certainly never be bored again, and I might learn a lot of different and exciting things that I never would have without looking for them.

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