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Letter to the Editor

No petition to end cityhood, but discussion welcome

August 08, 2012 - Dear Editor,

I am positive that Clarkston and the experience of living in what is now the City of the Village of Clarkston would not be lessened and could be greatly improved if the Village of Clarkston were to rejoin Independence Township and no longer be a city, if the city government was shaken off.

Our friends and neighbors will still be our friends and neighbors. Main Street will still be Main Street. Our taxes would be lower and we would regain the right to vote on the services we receive such as police, fire, and emergency.

No government is perfect, but the township has far better training, is available full time, has far better resources than the city can offer, and already provides or aids publicly and privately in almost every event and service the city has to offer.

There are no public schools within the city, no medical facilities, no libraries, no police stations, no fire stations, no museums, no art galleries, no post office. It is a great area with good people, but why is it a city with higher taxes if it can provide so little?

Unfortunately my efforts to have a public vote on this have been hampered by work, family and other personal and public commitments. The filing date for a petition to be able to vote on whether we should remain a city is Aug. 14 and I have not been able to spend the time required to obtain all the signatures required, even from those who said they would sign.

I have had some great conversations with many people for and against this proposal, and enjoyed hearing many opinions of life in the City of the Village of. It is therefore with deep regret that I admit I will not have the time to continue this effort. Regardless of the outcome, I think the public discussion would have been healthy for everyone.

My sincere apologies to everyone who signed or wanted to sign. For those who are in favor of lowering our taxes and regaining the right to vote on and control such basic government services as police, fire, library, sewer and water, I can only offer my apologies as it appears we will continue to pay high taxes, have almost no control of local issues, or what happens in our city.

It is an election year and discussion of these issues is what elections are all about.

If anyone is interested and wants to discuss the issue of what we receive for the local taxes we pay, and what the city government does for us, call me at 248-625-9530, email OneClarkston@yahoo.com, or go the Village of Clarkston facebook page and make a comment.

Cory Johnston


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